Infiniti Red Bull Racing F1 Team

For the fourth year running, the Infiniti Red Bull Racing team has won the Formula 1 world championship title. Thanks to Sebastian Vettel, four-time world champion, and Mark Webber, nine-time grand prix winner, we have enjoyed a season full of memorable successes which will undoubtedly go down in Formula 1 history.

At Pepe Jeans London we have always been sure that a team which fights to be number one every day, just as we do, deserves our full support. That is why we have been the official sponsor of Infiniti Red Bull Racing since 2010, a partnership whose success is based on the three cornerstones we have in common: dedication, teamwork and enthusiasm.

Following the success achieved in the last four years, the agreement has been extended until 2014. This new partnership reinforces Pepe Jeans London’s commitment to the world of Formula 1, both in its role as official sponsor and as the supplier of the Infiniti Red Bull Racing collections for men, women and children.

And as if that wasn’t enough, there is a double cause for celebration this year. As well as IRBR’s great victory, it is also Pepe Jeans London’s 40th anniversary. 2013 has definitely been our year; let’s hope that next year will bring moments as exciting as this one.

All that’s left is for us to welcome the Australian driver Daniel Ricciardo to the team, a young driver with a big future who we feel sure is going to make a name for himself in 2014. Good luck to the Infiniti Red Bull Racing team!