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Women's dresses


Modern, fun, glamorous, relaxed... Our collection of women's dresses are all this and more. Pepe Jeans will surprise you with a diverse selection of garments so, whatever your style, you can find something to suit your tastes. We offer a huge variety of materials, colours, and silhouettes to cater to the needs of every woman. No two people are alike and this collection of dresses by Pepe Jeans allows you to express your personality with your outfit.


Types of dresses


Our dresses are a reflection of the values and concepts that inspire our creative process every day. Discover mini dresses, long dresses, long-sleeved dresses, sleeveless dresses, print dresses, ones with lace, ruffles, patterns, with or without a collar, and even with sequins.

Let’s not forget the quality that permeates each piece in this collection. Pepe Jeans is committed to making durable, resistant, and timeless garments. The materials and the care taken in the production process ensure that you’ll keep wearing our dresses season after season.

What to wear with your Pepe Jeans dress


Our women's dresses are very versatile garments that adapt to a wide variety of contexts and situations. All you need to do is choose the right garments and accessories to achieve the ideal look at any given moment. Here's a little inspiration on how to combine them.


- Feeling romantic

. A red dress is a very good choice when we want to give off an aura of romanticism. Try combining it with a pair of trainers to make it less feminine and more casual. With white trainers and a denim jacket, you get a very casual, modern and youthful look. It's no wonder this type of shoe is one of the most popular shoes to wear with a dress.



- Professionalism in its purest form

. Blue is a colour that denotes security, tranquillity, and professionalism. So we often see it in the workplace. A blue dress is a basic garment that cannot be missing in our office wardrobe. Wear it with a tailored coat, ankle boots, and tights underneath to achieve a more sophisticated and elegant look. It’s sure to be a success.



- Comfort and style

. Maxi dresses, especially knitted ones, are ideal when you want to prioritise comfort and warmth on a day-to-day basis. Going to class, for a walk, or having a drink with friends are situations where you want to feel relaxed, but without compromising on your appearance. An excellent option to achieve this is to combine this type of garment with black or white trainers and a puffer jacket. It's simple but effective, resulting in a stylish look.