Our new sustainability platform will revolutionise the way we operate by minimising our impact in the environment and looking after our partners within our supply chain.
Pepe Future garments fall under our three pillars of sustainability:


Better Cotton™

We are proud members of the Better Cotton Initiative (BCI). This is how we contribute to improving global cotton production for the people and areas that grow it. BCI also aims to create a better future in the sector by training farmers to use water efficiently, to take care of the soil and natural habitats, to reduce the use of harmful chemicals, and to respect the rights and well-being of workers.

Organic Cotton

Organic cotton is grown without pesticides or harmful chemicals to improve soil quality and prevent contamination, with positive knock-on effects on the local biodiversity and the health of growers.

Recycled Materials

Discarded garments and textile waste from factories can be recycled and used again, while plastic waste can be turned into reusable polyester or nylon fibres. We use some of these materials in our Pepe Future garments.

Sustainable Lyocell and Viscose

Lyocell and viscose are semi-synthetic fibres obtained from wood pulp. We source ours from sustainably managed forests with strict water and chemical controls.


Wiser Wash®

Certified by Control Union, Wiser Wash® allows us to finish our denim with authentic fades and abrasions without using pumice stones or hazardous chemicals. This revolutionary technology also minimises water and energy consumption, making the whole wash process more sustainable.


Sustainable Washes

With a green EIM score, our sustainable denim washes drastically cut back on the use of water, energy, and chemicals to limit our impact on the environment.

Mineral Dyes

Mineral dyes contain naturally occurring pigments and no harmful chemicals. Since they don't dissolve in water, these dyes also reduce water contamination.

Responsible Leather

We use responsible leather in our sustainable apparel, footwear and accessories, sourced from reliable tanneries with certified best practices.

Footwear Technologies

Eco-One® is added to the plastic materials in our footwear to make them more biodegradable. This helps to prevent the accumulation of plastic waste in landfills. Our Nº22 sneakers use innovative technology with a positive impact on the environment. Each shoe is coated with a transparent titanium dioxide film which works together with the sun's ultraviolet light to eliminate nitrogen oxides that come into contact with it, helping to clean the air.


We are committed to creating a better future for our planet and coming generations. Join our sustainable journey.